Tapping for calming?

You probably heard "take a deep breath" many times, at the doctor's office, in stores, in parks, in the delivery room, etc.  It is mostly used to prompt a person to calm down.  I consider this to be a passive anxiety relieving technique: it involves something we already do.  For some people breathing techniques are wonderful, but in order for them to reach their full potential, they do require daily practice and discipline to train the muscles and mind.  I've noticed that some of my clients are reluctant to breathing exercises: some kindly refuse them, while others do them with the same enthusiasm a young child has when it is time for bed.  

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) or "tapping" is used for many things (you can read more about it (https://www.emofree.com) and it can be a wonderful alternative to breathing exercises.  It was first introduced to me by one of my graduate school professors when I showed up in her office ready to cry; I did start to cry and was so distressed that could not articulate what I was experiencing.  She showed me how to tap and I returned almost to normal in less than two minutes.  

What is tapping? Tapping is an "emotional version of acupuncture" (Gary Craig).  One uses a repetitive motion of two or more fingers to tap on an acupuncture point of the body.  

Curious about what it looks like?  Watch the video tutorial by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT.

Did you follow along?  What do think?