Are you avoiding life?

Trauma is very misunderstood.  We all have experienced trauma in our lives to some degree.  It may be the death of a relative or being embarrassed as a child or betrayed by a friend.  We all have learned to cope psychologically with our traumas, but unhealthy coping often leads to serious other issues such as physical discomfort, troubled relationships, substance abuse, cutting, or living on the edge.


You might benefit from trauma focused therapy when you experience some of the following:

  • Thinking about the traumatic event frequently
  • Dreaming about the traumatic event and waking up scared
  • Thoughts such as: no one can be trusted, I am bad, nothing good can ever happen.
  • Feeling afraid, angry, guilty or shameful
  • Spending most of the time away from others
  • Finding it hard to laugh, feel satisfied, or love
  • Feeling constantly on the edge

How can therapy help you?

Each individual is unique.  Together we will work on finding the right techniques for the symptoms that are impacting your daily activities.  You will experience some relief quickly.  Then we will move on to uncovering the root of the trauma to better understand its impacts and how to overcome it.  Therapy will help heal the past so you can thrive.