Are you stuck?   

You want to move forward, but something is holding you back and you feel stuck.  You have tried to move forward, but cannot figure out why you are avoiding taking the first steps.  Maybe you want to switch jobs, change careers, focus on healthy practices, reinvent your life style, modify relationships, or implement a new routine.  Whatever it is, know that change is difficult and challenging.

When should you ask for help from a professional?

You might benefit from trauma focused therapy when you experience some of the following:

  • You are tired of being stuck
  • You’ve tried different things to no avail
  • You have difficulty sticking with a plan for long
  • The fear of failing is paralyzing
  • The negative voices are loudly saying: you cannot do it, you will not succeed, who do you think you are? what are you thinking?

How can therapy help you?

Therapy can help you find what is holding you back.  Together we will discover the negative inner voices that are keeping you stuck and modify the message.  Through counseling you can discover the obstacles and eliminate them so you can grow and move forward.