Are you wondering how you got here?

Are you feeling disconnected and resentful?

Do you want to feel connected and loved?

You are not alone!

When relationship struggles are present everyday, you might feel disconnected, unappreciated, hurt, undesired, so much so that it can seem like the only option is to end your relationship.  

If you are having frequent arguments colored with threatening statements, hurtful words, and finger pointing, you are not alone.  

Most relationships go thorough ups and downs, most partners fight and are unhappy with one another at some point during a relationship.  

You may have already realized that the state of your relationship influences your daily mood, how much patience and energy you have to deal with your kids, your job, your friends and family.  When your relationship is in jeopardy, everything becomes uncertain and grim.

It does not have to be this way.

As a counselor who specializes in helping clients find the connection they once had and create a fulfilling relationship with one another, I can offer you techniques and insights to understand and connect with each other.  

Having a happy marriage can start now.

Getting marriage counseling will help you:

  • Effectively communicate your wants and needs

  • The art of compromising

  • How to connect with your partner

  • Understand what is missing and needed

  • How to stop an argument before it escalates

A lot of people who are in an unhappy relationship fantasize about past relationships or possible new ones. Some turn to drinking, gambling, pornography or flirting to cover up the pain and hurt.  It may work for a little while, but it can cause serious problems in the long run because it does not get rid of the pain and hurt.  Feeling loved and desired is important in any relationship.  I would rather give you the opportunity to make your marriage a fulfilling partnership instead of running somewhere else for comfort. 

I specialize in working with clients who have been having difficulties communicating and understanding each other.  I work especially well with blended families that find it challenging to find a new normal. I understand what it is like to parent in a blended family, whether the children are still in the home or not.  

Take the next step now.

Ready to end the arguments and have your marriage be the best relationship in your life? Call today. I am here to help you get started.